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From a multi-awarded broadcast journalist to a top-notch senator, and beyond. For the past three decades, Loren has dedicated her life to serving the Filipino people. In 1998, Loren became the youngest senator in the Philippines. She is also the only female to top the Senate race twice and the only female to become Senate Majority Leader.

Because of her advocacies on climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and management, sustainability, and climate justice, the Philippines has been recognized for her pioneered laws on the environment.

Loren is also a women’s & children’s rights advocate, consistent with her efforts to promote the welfare of women and the protection of the Filipino youth.

She is a true Filipina at heart, passionately advocating for the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples and promoting arts and culture in the local and international arena.

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No substitute for preparedness

Loren Legarda, who probably “lost (her) voice singing the same tune” about environmental disasters for over a decade now, said every barangay should have officials going around to inform their constituents about the effects of the oncoming typhoon and the corresponding measures every family should undertake. “Are we expecting a storm surge? Then we should warn our communities of the expected height of the waves and how far inland the flooding would reach,” she said, adding that this would ensure that people are evacuated in safe places. As a result, local executives did not have to force their constituents to leave their homes, with thousands voluntarily evacuating to designated evacuation centers.

Babe Romualdez

Pinoys now climate change-aware

Legarda’s advocacies on climate change and disaster risk reduction started as far back as 1998 when she first became senator. These concepts are not exactly very popular issues to most people. The high-sounding jargon did not register well with many voters when she twice ran but lost in the vice presidential elections in 2004 and in 2010. Nonetheless, it did not stop Legarda from her staunch advocacy on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction measures. She has found satisfaction in the growing awareness of the challenges of climate change among many Filipinos now.

Marichu A. Villanueva

You are really ahead of your time!

Senator Loren, am at a conference in Singapore on urbanization and sustainable development. Just want to let you know that everything these world leaders are talking about, I already learned from you ages ago. You are really ahead of your time.

Joy Belmonte
Vice Mayor of Quezon City

Congratulations on being UNISDR Global Champion

Congratulations to our senator! Every Antiqueño saw and heard your achievement in Paris. We are proud of you.

Gov. Dodod Cadiao of Antique

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November 30, 2021

Legarda calls for basic services, better opportunities and improved protection for all Filipino children

MANILA, Philippines — In line with the month-long celebration of National Children’s Month, three-term Senator and Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda said that providing Filipino families with basic services and better opportunities will also give every Filipino child a brighter and safer future. Legarda likewise called for the improved protection of children’s rights and welfare, especially amid the ongoing pandemic, to support the theme of this year’s National Children’s month, “New Normal na Walang Iwanan: Karapatan ng Bawat Bata Ating Tutukan.” “Let no [...]

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July 1, 2021

Rizal in a Time of Barriers

Little known aspects of Dr. Jose Rizal’s first trip to Europe are revealed in the new documentary, Finding Rizal in a Time of Barriers. The project began when former senator Loren Legarda toured the small German town of Wilhelmsfeld in 2019 together with Dr. Fritz Hack Ullmer. Dr Ullmer is the great grandson of Pastor Karl Ullmer who hosted Rizal for three months in Wilhelmsfeld in 1886. The memories of that stay, as well as Rizal’s correspondence and memorabilia have since become part of the Ullmer family’s legacy through three generations.

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Loren: A Leader’s Journey

Coming from a family of newsmen, educators, and physicians, one can almost say that this lady really was born for greatness. Being the granddaughter of one of the Philippines’ journalism pillars, it was only natural that she took on this career path. With her hard work, Loren has graduated cum laude with a degree in Broadcast Communication from the University of the Philippines Diliman, paving the way for her being the youngest anchor to appear in Philippine news television! Years later, her alma mater would confer her with a Doctor of Laws honoris causa.

Wherever she went, or whatever endeavor she delved on, she would always come out on top – may it be her passion for broadcasting, crusade for the environment, or being a Philippine senator, she would always achieve her goals and accomplish her mission, all thanks to her leadership skills, passion and vision.

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