Senator Loren Legarda National Climate Change Consciousness Week Creating Convergence on Climate Change

November 21, 2011

(Standard Greetings)
It is my distinct pleasure to speak before you today in this important conference in observance of the National Climate Change Consciousness Week.
Disasters do not only abound. They have also become deadlier. Climate change has caused many nations to suffer stronger typhoons, sea level rise, more flashfloods, and more devastating droughts. If proof is what we need to substantiate these claims, we already have more than enough.
In 2009, typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng left nearly a thousand […]

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Senator Loren Legarda Inauguration of Barangay Sideg Road

November 12, 2011

(Standard Greetings)
In recognizing the undoubtedly significant role of local government units in the lives of our people, it has been a part of my advocacy to strengthen and empower LGUs through various projects and by supporting programs in our local communities.
As a Senator, I am aware that most of our LGUs still need much support from the national government. This is precisely why we have our Priority Development Assistance Fund, so that we can allocate funds to help […]

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National Indigenous Peoples Cultural Summit

October 13, 2011

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen:
It is my distinct pleasure to speak before you today in this important National Indigenous Peoples Cultural Summit.
Today, we take pride in our cultural rootedness and recognize the people whose lives take us through many centuries of struggle to protect the land we live in, preserve the virtues we uphold and bring us back to who we are.
Our indigenous peoples have shaped our story as a Filipino people- our music, arts and dance, our native knowledge and […]

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International Day for Disaster Reduction: Step Up for DRR

October 12, 2011

Mr. President,
The observance of the International Day for Disaster Reduction comes at a time when the grave effects of climate change and disasters increasingly strike all over the world. And today, we urge governments to “Step Up for Disaster Risk Reduction”.
The Philippines has consistently gone up in global rankings on, unfortunately and alarmingly, climate vulnerability. In 2009, the Philippines was number 12 most at risk from cyclones, floods, earthquakes and landslides based on the Mortality Risk Index by […]

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World Teachers’ Day

October 5, 2011

Mr. President,
Images of disaster filled our minds in the past week as typhoons Pedring and Quiel wrought havoc in various parts of the country and destroyed millions-worth of infrastructure including school buildings. In fact, for typhoon Pedring alone, 315 school buildings were damaged with estimated cost placed at P146.8-million.[1]
Thousands of children who went back to their schools after the typhoons were welcomed by damaged classrooms . But one strong image stands tall-the teacher. She has to go business […]

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