World Environment Day 2012: Sex on the Reefs

June 5, 2012

Senate Session Hall;There is sex on the reefs. Where the warm ocean currents meet the more temperate Philippine waters, a different kind of procreation is taking place—one that would save not only marine life, but our very own as well.

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Committee Report No. 163, Senate Resolution No. 788 Status of Visiting Forces Agreement (SOVFA) with Australia

June 4, 2012

Senate Session Hall;I have the honor to seek approval of Senate Resolution No. 788, entitled “Resolution Concurring in the Ratification of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and the Government of Australia Concerning the Status of Visiting Forces of Each State in the Territory of the Other” prepared and submitted by the Committee on Foreign Relations on May 30, 2012 per its Committee Report No. 163.

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National Heritage Month 2012

May 22, 2012

Senate Session Hall;Amid screaming headlines of burning political issues, which define boundaries that divide us, I rise to remind everyone of a subject, which reinforces a common identity that ultimately unites us. It is the great national pride of being Filipinos as bearers of a rich cultural patrimony.

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