Speech: 8th Para El Mar

September 10, 2021

Para el Mar
Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Support Network
Warm ecological greetings to the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Support Network! I truly love being in the company of people I no longer have to convince to campaign for nature.
I speak to you all in the company of these experts as a legislator. Last year, I spoke at a webinar along with Dr. Gretchen Daily and that event led to my filing of the PENCAS bill, the proposed Philippine Ecosystem and Natural […]

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Privilege Speech of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda:

September 1, 2021

Privilege Speech of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda
The State of Environment amid the Pandemic
01 September 2021
Mr. Speaker, distinguished colleagues in Congress: 
It has been over a year since the pandemic broke and put the whole world into lockdowns, forcing businesses to close and billions of people to suffer. Our health systems were ill-prepared to suppress COVID-19 from claiming the lives of over 4.3 million people worldwide, of which over 29,300 are fellow Filipinos.
More than a year later, or one national […]

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Message of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda: #BotoniJuana: Women as Policymakers

August 30, 2021

At the onset, I would like to thank SPARK! Philippines for inviting me once again to your webinar, in partnership with Czech Embassy and Galing Pook organization. I recall that just this March, I also delivered a message in the roundtable discussion for women and governance. This time, we will be highlighting the importance of women’s role in nation-building as active policy and decision-makers.  
I also note that our gathering coincides with this year’s celebration of the National Heroes’ Day. […]

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Speech of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda: The Rotary Club of Makati EDSA Meeting

August 17, 2021

Allow me to start with a couple of questions:    
What if we were truly a hive mind, collectively building an economy that is so well matched to our environment, our climate, our culture and our needs?
What if we were not anchored on all the known parameters of success and economic indicators and had a chance to have a post-pandemic economy that is so well matched that we will just sail through our recovery?
Greetings to everyone here who are all positive […]

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Message of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda: 8th Local Historical Committees Network General Assembly

August 3, 2021

I am usually accustomed to meet and be with cultural workers and advocates of indigenous peoples and seldom am I in the company of historians—especially those who are into what we call local history. I know Chair Rene Escalante, and Prof. Xiao Chua, since we have worked together especially when we had Road to 500, and I am glad to see here a number of historians from different provinces all over the country, honored to be in your presence. Thank […]

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